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GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic

The development of Liquid Plastics and GRP Fibre Glass in the roofing sector have provided a 'revolutionary' form of waterproofing for the domestic and commercial market. Roofcare utilises

this cost-effective method of roofing to minimise the

future intrusion of moisture that sometimes occurs.

This form of waterproofing provides an excellent

form of roofing for structures, refurbishment works,

overlay upgrades & repair works, it future-proofs

your roof and Roofcare offers a 35year Guarantee

on its GRP Roofs. Liquid membranes can be

applied to most surfaces including flat roofs, corrugated

sheeting, slate/tiled roofs, gutters, walls, chimneys amongst

others which offers a system which can be installed

to a single project, but to an array of surfaces.


GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is the technical name for 'fibreglass'. Originally developed in 1938 for use in insulation, GRP is extremely durable and is used in a variety of applications across a number of industries. Also known as FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) GRP is extremely versatile, strong and waterproof, making GRP the ideal solution for applications such as roofing systems. The ability to produce different finishes such as nonslip surfaces using GRP, in addition to being  able to produce a  range of colour

options for applications

of almost any complexity,

means that GRP is

a popular and

viable alternative

to traditional

roofing systems

used previously.



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